Advance CAD API & Scripting

Advance CAD Programming

Advance CAD supports LISP, VBA, SDS, DCL and DIESEL application programming interfaces. In Advance CAD, you can run many programs originally created for being used with other standard CAD software. Specifically, you can use programs written entirely in AutoLISP without operating any modification. In addition, you can run many ADS programs originally written for being used with AutoCAD® after first recompiling them using the Advance CAD runtime libraries.

The basic framework for Advance CAD is Teigha, a C++ development environment that includes full support for .dwg/.dxf and DGN files, a powerful object-oriented C++ API, and a rich feature set for editing, manipulating and rendering CAD data. It also supports Teigha Xtensions for building custom objects and custom commands.

Programming Language Support

Advance CAD allows you to add custom programs written in the following languages:

Lisp – List Processor

Advance CAD supports the LISP programming language and is compatible with AutoLISP. This means that you can load and run AutoLISP programs written for use with AutoCAD®.

VBA – Visual Basic for Applications 

Advance CAD can be customized using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) through an integrated interface, available from the Advance CAD menu. Advance CAD features a broad range of objects, giving you the power to write your own custom applications that can run within Advance CAD.

SDS – Solutions Development System™

SDS is a C/C++ language interface compatible with the ADS interface in AutoCAD®. Like scripts and AutoLISP, you can run your existing ADS applications in Advance CAD. Simply recompile the source code using the SDS libraries provided on the Advance CAD DVD, or, if you use a CAD program written by a third-party vendor, contact that vendor for the Advance CAD version.

DCL – Dialog Control Language

Advance CAD completely supports DCL. DCL is used by AutoLISP functions to define the look of dialog boxes. You can use all DCL files unmodified within Advance CAD.

DIESEL – Direct Interactively Evaluated String Expression language

Advance CAD supports DIESEL . DIESEL is a separate interpretive programming language that allows you to customize the status bar, menus orLISP functions.

Advance CAD Programming Services

With an open API and scripting environment producing customised routines or additional business focused automations is relatively straight forward for a programmer with a sound knowledge of CAD and data requirements.

That said, many companies would prefer to outsource any custom development to someone that is more familiar with the platform as development time would be reduced and existing knowledge could help to produce better customisations.

For help with Advance CAD customisation please visit our CAD software development page or request more information by clicking on the button below.