Advance CAD Flexible Licensing Options

Advance CAD Flexible Licensing

When we say flexible licensing, we really mean flexible licensing.

Far too often companies and users are restricted by inflexible licensing terms, which often leads to over purchase or less than ideal deployment options which can tie up valuable technical resources.

We understand that our customers need to be as flexible as possible with licensing options so they can not only minimise software purchase requirements, but are also able to deploy licenses in a way that best suits their own individual business requirements.

Advance CAD comes with a variety of licensing options which not only deliver the flexibility you need, but also help reduce potential license compliance issues.

Licensing Options

In order to provide maximum flexibility and to help businesses control software costs, Advance CAD is available either as a network license or a standalone license. By allowing companies to choose from both options, they are able to license as they require not be tied to typical licensing restrictions.

If a company or user chooses a standalone licensing, they will receive an activation code for licenses purchased for the machines that needs to run Advance CAD.

Once a network license is installed on the company server, every computer from the network will be able to use the license in order to activate Advance CAD up to the number of licenses ordered.

This solution significantly reduces the number of licenses that the organization will need to purchase and is highly recommended for companies whose offices are in different geographic regions.

Also, companies can benefit from a special standalone license that enables the IT administrator to use a single license on many computers, in order to minimize both the installation time and the administrative effort. This type of license can be a term-based or a perpetual one.

Advance CAD term based licensing option is suitable for individuals or companies needing a flexible term-based licensing arrangement. The subscription can be acquired for short term requirements ranging from a minimum period of 1 or 3 or 12 month terms. Clients looking to procure licenses for longer periods can also choose periods up to 2 or 3 years.

The term based (also known as subscription) license enables the user to update their software whenever a new version is available. They can also choose to run any version of the software making this type of solution very flexible and perfect for organizations with variable project requirements.

The subscription-based license is available as standalone or as a network license.

For standalone licenses, the company or individual will receive an activation code for the individual machines that will run Advance CAD depending on the number ordered.

Perpetual licenses give companies and users the flexibility to be able to use the version of software they have bought without any time constraints, for as long as their hardware and operating system support it. This is particularly suited to casual users who have minimal collaboration requirements and therefore don’t have a need to update their software on a regular basis.

For users that prefer the perpetual license model but still wish to stay up to date and receive the latest Advance CAD updates, this can be achieved by simply adding an annual maintenance to your perpetual license which will keep your license up to date for as long as you have a valid annual maintenance agreement. The perpetual license can also be standalone or a network version.

Once the client buys a Graitec license, we will ensure full compliance for our software, Advance CAD.

License compliance audits have become far more prevalent in recent years and auditors are often very inflexible when they find usage or installation numbers to be non-compliant with the number of licenses owned.

Quite often this can be purely down change of machine or user, where the software has not been uninstalled. Either way, a software compliance audit can result in multiple layers of exposure for a company that does not pay attention to what software is installed and used on its machines, as well as punitive fines or unnecessary software purchases.

Our refreshing approach to compliance aims to help companies eliminate non-compliance issues with Advance CAD software, rather than wasting valuable and costly internal resource policing it.

Draft your way without any territorial boundaries!

Many CAD software providers have restrictive licensing that constrains the usage of a license to defined geographic boundaries.

Advance CAD believes that if you purchase software either on a perpetual or term basis, you should be able to use it not only when you want, but also where you want.

Advance CAD clients can use their licenses in any country they desire, no matter where it was purchased initially. In short, we don’t impose any geographical limitations to Advance CAD usage.