Advance CAD Custom Development

Advance CAD Software Development

With significant investment in R&D, we continue to develop ground breaking software from 2D CAD platforms right up to high end 3D BIM (Building information Modelling) technology featuring rules based secure synchronized processes between CAD and Analysis software platforms.

However, we don’t only develop our own software but also help our customers deliver advanced productivity and automate their own business processes by developing integrated business and bespoke software solutions. These help our clients to reduce typical costs associated with time consuming manual tasks, leading to improved process performance, productivity and of course bottom line margins.

Advance CAD’s open API allows us to develop a wide range of custom tools that can address a plethora of business challenges from relatively straightforward in-CAD custom scripts to reduce the impact of repetitive daily tasks through to complex data extraction from CAD software with export to business information systems, data management, scheduling systems, Microsoft Excel or even ERP platforms.

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Development for External Products

In essence, the advantages of Advance CAD software in an external  product scenario is twofold in most cases.

Firstly, the customer benefits from the technology and sees your brand as market leading as well as innovative and secondly, the major business benefit to you is that you can utilise an existing CAD technology solution without taking on board the extensive cost and timescales of both developing and maintaining an expensive independent CAD platform.

A typical example of this could be a CNC Machinery manufacturer.

A competitor offers your client a CAD platform for viewing and editing files as part of their software offering. Potentially this could lead to customer loss, but you don’t have time to develop your own platform to combat the threat.

In this scenario you could choose to incorporate our Advance CAD platform to combat the competitive threat and secure your client base. Looking at the other side of the coin though you might even have taken the initiative first to secure a competitive advantage.

Developing for Process Automation

Another use of Advance CAD Software is in the arena of “Business or Process Automation”.

Typically, many companies strive to automate as many business processes as possible to eliminate costly time consuming manual procedures, as this has a direct impact on labour costs, time to market, competitive pricing and subsequently bottom-line profitability.

Businesses involving the use of CAD data would be able to Advance CAD in a custom or bespoke solution that eliminates or drastically reduces manual processes, improves productivity, shortens time to market or even speeds up quoting processes giving potential customers a better business experience.

A typical example of this could be a building product manufacturer who employs a team of people using 2D or 3D software to draw various configurations of their offering in order to quote, have details on hand to manufacture once quotes are won and purchase required stock.

In this scenario the business could adopt a customised Advance CAD program specifically designed to automate their own configurations, develop drawings and even output required data to the sales/quotation/purchasing team or other business systems.

This would reduce required team size, minimise hardware/external software requirements, speed up associated internal process and minimise manual errors all having a positive impact on competitiveness and improved bottom line.

Custom Development

Link Advance CAD to your business systems to improve productivity or customize to reduce repetitive tasks