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About Graitec Innovation

Founder & President of the GRAITEC Group

Graitec Innovation software has achieved tremendous success in Europe and North America and Graitec now ranks as the 2nd largest independent European software provider for Engineering and Construction applications as well as being the 3rd largest Autodesk Reseller worldwide.

Headquartered in BIÈVRES France, the company has grown significantly over the years through committed investment in innovative R&D, expansion of our software portfolio and client base and selective acquisition to strengthen our position in our target market sectors.

With an experienced and professional R&D group, GRAITEC develops 100% of its software and retains control of the entire development cycle, with a flexible architecture allowing the software to run on the “standard” AutoCAD® platform or on its own graphics engine.

In addition to our 2D and 3D Advance CAD software, Graitec also has a much wider portfolio of products which you can try by visiting our Trial Software page.

Over 30 Years of Ground Breaking Innovation
Over 41 Offices Across Europe & North America
Tens of 000’s of Global Clients
Hundreds of 000's of projects used our software

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